Offset Printing

When using offset technology for printing, we use aluminium plates that transfer an image onto a rubber blanket, and then rolling an image onto a sheet of paper. The key peculiarity of Offset Printing is that the ink is not transferred onto the paper directly. The technology is perfectly suited to be used for larger quantities. It provides a clean professional looking printing that delivers accurate color reproduction.

Some of the major advantages to using offset printing technology include: 

  • It’s more cost-effective to print large quantities;
  • You can make trial samples in order to test print product options and make some changes if needed;
  • You can use a large variety of paper types with custom finishes;
  • You can personalize the data while making each page contain custom information like page numbers, pictures, and texts;
  • You will get the highest quality of printing, with greater detail and color fidelity;
  • You can order both large quantities of prints and small print runs;
  • Depending on the complexity and volume of tasks, it can take a few minutes to create a printing.

Using the offset printing technology, we can print: 

  • Posters;
  • Self-adhesive labels;
  • Business cards and flyers on coated, offset papers and design;
  • Flyers on coated, offset paper;
  • Brochures, catalogs, letters, menus, etc.

Whenever it’s needed, you can order lamination, binding, folding, stitching on the bracket, cutting the contour, and other services.